January 2019—Try It, 1/2 Day Hand Building Workshop, with Steve Palmer 10:00-1:00

$ 95.00

If you are curious about working with clay and want to try it just for fun, or to see if you like it enough to take a class, this workshop is for you. In this three-hour workshop you will be introduced to basic hand building methods used for making pottery. You will see demonstrations and make your own tray and cup from flat slabs of clay. You will do some wet stage decorating, but because your work has to be fired before it can be glazed we will do that for you. We can, however show you how we glaze so you have an understanding of the whole process. Once glazed, we will fire your work in the final, glaze firing. Your food safe pots will then be ready to pick up in about two to three weeks.

All materials, tools, and refreshments are provided.

Teacher: Steve Palmer

Date: Saturday, January 26, 2019

Time: 10:00-1:00


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