ZOOM Class, Hand-built cups and Mugs with Randy Bill

$ 120.00

This ZOOM class is designed for adults who are new to clay and working from home. We will work with slab construction to make simple cylindrical slab cups with and without handles. We will explore various ways to give shape to a simple cylinder and exploring surface design through carving and stamping.

We will send you an email with the link to the class a day before the start of class. For those of you who are new to Zoom, we will have a help session at 9;30 the first day of class

Prerequisite: none

Teacher: Randy Bill

Date: Tuesdays, August 4 - August 25, 4 weeks

Time: 10;00-12:00

Cost: $120.00 (scroll down to register)

MATERIALS LIST: If you are firing at home you can use whatever clay you like. If you are firing at City Clay you can choose one of our stoneware clays in any color you prefer. I recommend our white 630 stoneware. it is easy to work with and our color samples for glazing are based on that clay.

To work at home you will need a smooth wooden work board, a rolling pin, and clay knife, clay cutter, a rib, a clay sponge, a small flat synthetic bristle paint brush, a ruler, a container for water. We have everything you need in our shop including new kits with boards, dowels to use as rolling pins, and guides so you can roll out a consistently 1/4" thick slab. You can buy a deluxe set or just the pieces you need. For safety, don't use your kitchen tools for clay, have a designated set of tools just for clay.

SUPPLIES—Supplies for this class can be purchased and picked up at our shop During the following hours:

Wednesdays and Thursdays 1:00-6:00

Fridays 1:00-5:00

Saturdays 10:00-5:00

Sundays 12:00-5:00

The price of the clay includes two firings for every piece you want to keep plus the use of our dipping glazes. You can purchase our commercial glazes if you prefer to paint rather than dip. To protect our kilns, It is our policy that all clay and any commercial glazes you use be from our shop. 

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