First Show: Randy Bill

Randy Bill, BFA VCU

The ceramic tile by the office door was recently found in a box of my grandmother’s belongings. I painted it when I was six years old in a tiny pottery at the north end of Virginia Beach. I didn’t touch clay again for another 20 years. I’ve run a studio business, been in numerous shows, and taught middle and high school Art and Ceramics for more years than I can believe. In June I left my teaching position in pursuit of two long held dreams, one to have more time for my work, and the other to develop a clay studio, school, and gallery in Charlottesville. It is the kind of place in which I have always wanted to work, a studio in support of creative thought and shared learning for adults and children—an art community in a dedicated and inspiring workspace. City Clay has been two years in development and it has truly taken a village of people from all walks of life with an amazing range of talents to pull this off. Now, despite all odds, with a failing economy and a million reason why this shouldn’t be happening, it appears, the time has come to open our doors. Enjoy!