Student Info

Tools and Supplies

Wheel tools

Durable water buckets and a basic sets of eight tools is available for $18.00 along with a wide range of additional tools for sale in the shop.

Hand-building tools

A set of good basic tools for $20.00  as well as individual tools are available for sale in the shop.


We carry a variety of clay for sale and for classes. Most classes start with a white, cone 6 stoneware. To protect our kilns, clay must be purchased from the studio in order to be fired here. Clay prices include both firings and studio glazes.


Open Studio

· Open Studio is time to practice on the wheel, work with glazes, or trimming based on what you have learned in class,
but does not include instruction from other students or instructors. If instructors are in the Studio, they are attending
to other responsibilities and are not available for instruction.
· Adults attending classes at City Clay have the option of coming into the Studio 7 days a week during Open Studio
hours. Open Studio hours fluctuate, so please call City Clay to check the schedule beforehand.


Class Cancellations

· City Clay reserves the right to cancel courses that do not meet the minimum enrollment limit determined in City Clay’s sole discretion.
· Individual classes cancelled by City Clay will be added at the end of the session; schedule adjustments may be necessary.
· In case of inclement weather, City Clay generally follows the Charlottesville City School’s cancellation policy; however,
please call or check our website at for announcements in the event that we do not follow the
Charlottesville City School’s cancellation policy for that day.
· If the Charlottesville City Schools are closed, City Clay’s classes will generally be cancelled as well.
· If there is only a delay, classes will most likely open on time.

Tuition Refunds

· If City Clay cancels a course, tuition will be refunded in full.
· If the Student withdraws from a class, tuition will be refunded in full only if City Clay receives written notice at least two (2)
weeks before the first class.
· If the Student withdraws before the second class, half of the tuition will be refunded.
· If the Student withdraws after the second class, no refunds or exchanges for future classes will be made.
· Refunds are not given for missed classes but adult students may use Open Studio time to catch up.



· City Clay is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property. Please be mindful of your belongings and do not bring valuables to the Studio or the Studio parking lot.
· Clay is inherently fragile at all stages of the creative process. City Clay and its Representatives will do their best to help
the Student avoid disappointing accidents and to protect the Student’s work through the firings. But clay objects break—it is a fact of life in a clay studio for which City Clay cannot be held responsible.
· We ask that each Student reclaim his or her clay or discard it. City Clay will not be reclaiming clay for the Students.
· Please remove your bisqued and glazed fired pots from the wear shelves as soon as possible.
· Please take home all of your work at the end of each class you take. We will clean off shelves at the end of a session to make room for the next class.
· Shelves throughout the studio will be cleaned over the holiday break, before the summer sessions, and in late August.


Waivers must be signed before you attend class

Adult Waiver            Child Waiver



· From time to time, City Clay or its Representatives may take photographs of children or adults at work in the Studio or of the work made in the Studio for our publications.
· Students may also choose to have their pictures published without their names.
· If you do not wish to have your photos used, please notify City Clay in writing



Health and Safety

· No smoking is permitted in the Studio.
· No alcohol or illegal substances are permitted in the Studio or in the Studio parking lot.
· Please check with City Clay Representatives before eating in the Studio.
· If you suffer from mold-related allergies, you may have problems with clay. Check with your doctor before signing up for a class.
· Sanding dry clay or unfired glazed work is not permitted in the Studio. If you need to do so, take your work outside to sand and wear a mask.
· To keep the Studio a healthy place for all of us to work in, please clean up your areas completely before you leave, including the floor where glazes have spilled or dripped.
· Clay and glazes should not be left to dry on any surface because they can become airborne dust. Please be diligent about this.
· Please do not re-use any plastic with dry clay on it. (We have plenty of plastic dry cleaning bags but City Clay can always use more...bring some from home and City Clay will repurpose them.)
· When cleaning around wheels and tables, please use only wet sponges and mops to help minimize the amount of dust.
· Please take care to keep clay out of the sinks.
· If you are taking a wheel class or working at a raku firing and you have long hair, you must wear it pulled back. You should also remove necklaces, or bracelets, watches and rings, they can easily get left behind or lost—and they can leave marks in your work.

Courtesies and Behavior

· Please do not carry on cell phone conversations in the Studio or in class unless it is an emergency.
· Please do not touch work that is not your own unless you are invited to do so.
· Please respect others’ privacy.
· Do not take pictures of work by others without their permission.

Children's Classes

o For safety and courtesy to others, it is important that children behave themselves in the Studio. City Clay representatives may explain what behaviors are acceptable and which ones are not and gentle reminders may be given.
o If a child's behavior is distracting to the teacher or the other students, and does not improve, the child’s parent or legal guardian will be contacted. If the child's behavior does not improve sufficiently, he or she will be removed from the course.
o Please keep in mind that our classes are offered for students who are interested in developing their creativity and skills. Although the classes should be fun, they are not designed to be entertainment or childcare.
o Please be considerate of the teachers; they have other responsibilities before and after your child's class. A late fee of $20.00 for every half hour that you are late after the end of the class. If you cannot avoid being late, please call us so we will know and we can tell your child when to expect you.
· City Clay reserves the right to remove from a course anyone who does not behave in a manner that is safe and respectful of others.
· Tuition will not be refunded when a Student is removed from a course