Clay Sampler with Shipping

$ 53.00

You can try out 8, one and a third pound blocks of cone 6 clay and see what color and texture you prefer for hand-building or throwing.If you are new to clay we recommend 630 white stoneware.What's in it? 
Paper Clay*, Brown Bear, and Kota Porcelain 
112 Speckled Clay, Little Loafers, 710 Dark Brown, Brooklyn Red, and Miller’s 50. 

*Paper clay is a white clay with paper fibers to lend strength, particularly good for sculpture, not recommended for throwing.

Although not in this collection, we also carry our basic 630 white stoneware and B-Mix

The price for the CLAY SAMPLER is $38.00 and includes both the bisque and the glaze firings (To protect our kilns, anything we fire for you must be made with our clays and glazes.) If you fire at home the cost is $28.00

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