Flow Kit Clay Kit

$ 26.00

You know that feeling when you’ve been working on something - maybe gardening, painting, or sewing? You become so absorbed in what you are doing, you lose all sense of time. Your muscles relax and the stress and worry subsides. That is flow, a private and rejuvenating joy, and, it's good for you. REALLY! 

Whether you are curious about clay or have been working with it for years, our Creative Flow Kit is designed to help you experience this calming state of mind. 


Who doesn't need a time out right now? Treat yourself or a friend to a sensory experience designed to help you find your flow, your zone, the place where time stops and you are in the moment.

With just two primal elements, clay and water, you will be guided in an exploration through touch. Your kit contains six blocks of stoneware clay ranging in color, texture, and moisture. You will also find a very small bowl to hold just a bit of water.

Included in the kit is a written guide to help you make the most of this experience. We recommend that you read all of it before beginning. This is not a design project but an experience intended to help you slow down, become fully present, and enjoy the simple pleasure this kit affords.

All you need is a comfy chair and at least 20 minutes of time for each block of clay. Do one a day, one every other day, or when you just want some quiet time, that is up to you.

Just Follow your curiosity, exhale, and enjoy!