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City Clay also offers:

  • Free Instructional Videos
  • Private Lessons
  • Order supplies and equipment

Need help figuring out how to set up at home? We can guide you in setting up a safe and efficient home studio, and save you money in the process.

Call or email us:  (434) 293-0808 or email.

Private lesson with Steve Palmer
Private lesson with Steve Palmer

Video Classes

Free Instructional Videos

FREE – City Clay Dipping Glaze Video from City Clay on Vimeo.

Dipping Glazes

Dipping bisque pots into a vat of glaze is an efficient way to glaze a lot of pots. In this video two teachers will show you the basics for successful single dip, double dipped, and how to glaze the interior of a pot with a different glaze than on the outside of the pot.

FREE—Two Ways to Wedge CLAY from City Clay on Vimeo.

Two Ways to Wedge Clay

This video will show you two different ways to wedge clay so you can reclaim the many scraps of clay that can become a substantial amount of clay before you know it. You will also learn how to deal with clays that are thixotropic.